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Med Workshops online medical transcription and medical scribe training. Graduate employment of 90% since 1996. We know your goal is employment; little else matters. Our Intern Workshop is the key to success.


Being Certified in Medical transcription and medical scribe is important for establishing credentials for employers. A Certificate of Completion is provided for all graduates.


See how working from home would feel. Watch this medical transcription video on YouTube.


Our enrollment is limited by the number of graduates we think we can place in our Intern Workshops. Our Intern Workshops are the reason our graduate employment rate is so high. Enroll soon to reach your goal.


How it Works


Training. We provide the best licensed curriculum and personal one-on-one instruction. 

Our Intern Workshop with Mentoring teaches more in 6 weeks than reading and testing can in a few months. The entire Workshop is from your home. You experience the work world and adapt to its requirements.

Jobs. Med Workshops employment rate for graduates is one of the highest in the nation for any type of school. 


The Result:


  • No commute
  • No daycare costs
  • Flexibility
  • More quality time with family
  • Save on auto and gasoline costs
  • Comfort in your own home office

Everyone loves to work at home. Visit a medical transcription and medical scribe review site to read what others are saying!

The most important thing to know about Medical Transcription and Medical Scribe training is: Students could spend months on reading and testing and learn more from an Intern Workshop in a fraction of that time. Without a training-like internship a student's search for work will often end in failure. We know your goal is employment; little else matters.


We have 1 opening at this time. Check class availability dates or call to hold a spot.


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To Med Workshops - "I wanted to tell you what a delight it has been to work with Jessa, our new medical transcription intern from your school.

She is a wonderful asset to our team and recently took on the responsibility of typing 3 new providers from a clinic that came our way.  She has done brilliantly with them as well as a dermatologist whom she has been typing for several months.

It is a pleasure to see the fruits of dedicated learning and great training.  Find us more"





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