Online Medical Transcription School

Online Medical Transcription School

Med Workshops online medical transcription school. Graduate job placement of 95% for 18 consecutive years. Medical transcription training, internship and certification. Our internship ensures a medical transcription job.

How to train in medical transcription and work from home? Simple, choose the best medical transcription training, internship and employment success in the nation – Med Workshops.


Chosen as the #1 Online School by Epic Medical Records.


Reviewed as one of the best Medical Transcription Schools by MT Training Reviews.

See how working from home in medical transcription would feel. Watch our transcription video on YouTube:

Medical Transcription Training Video.


Mentored Internship™ plus great job placement are the main reasons for our extremely high graduate placement rate. Secure employment is everyone’s goal.  However - Our enrollment is limited by the number of internships available at the time you apply. Enroll soon to reach your goal.


Learning well enough to be employed rarely comes from classroom study only. Real understanding bubbles up from people working in the field you choose. This is why internship has worked for hundreds of years. You combine facts learned with hands-on mentoring during internship with a professional.


How it Works


  • Training. We provide the best licensed curriculum and personal one-on-one instruction.
  • Internship. Medical transcription internship with a mentor. Internship is online from your home and has been a part of our training since 1996. This is the only way to gain hands-on experience.
  • Job Placement. We've staffed medical transcription companies for years. Medical Transcription Training with Internship and you are soon working from home!

4/8/2014 -  We have 2 openings. Check class availability dates or call to hold a spot.


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Unemployed graduates of other schools choose to enroll in our Finish Up Intern Class which includes Mentored Internship. 


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To Med Workshops - "I wanted to tell you what a delight it has been to work with Jessa, our new medical transcription intern from your school.

She is a wonderful asset to our team and recently took on the responsibility of typing 3 new providers from a clinic that came our way.  She has done brilliantly with them as well as a dermatologist whom she has been typing for several months.

It is a pleasure to see the fruits of dedicated learning and great training.  Find us more MT Interns."




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