Intern Workshop for Medical Transcription and Medical Scribe

Medical Transcription Internship

The most important thing to know about medical training is this: Students could spend months on reading and testing and learn more from an Intern Workshop in a fraction of that time. Without a training-like internship a graduate's search for work too often ends in failure.


What Is the Value of a hands-on internship? Imagine what it would be like to learn riding a bike simply by reading and watching films. It’s not until you actually ride that real understanding takes place.  An Intern Workshop provides real work by transcribing or editing real doctor dictation like a medical transcriptionist.


•    The opportunity to learn through hands-on training
•    Education specialists have learned physical work is when true learning takes place  
•    A hands-on Intern Workshop creates a lasting mental road map while building strength and confidence


Everyone interned before mass-market schooling! 


If you don't receive a training type internship you will likely need 2 years of work history to get a job.  How can you do that if you have recently graduated from school. It is a catch 22.


Learning is more than absorbing facts, it's acquiring understanding.  This is what employers are seeking; graduates who have a true understanding of their software system as well as hands-on skills learned while training.  Approximately 90% of our graduates have found immediate employment since we started the Intern Workshop in 1996. This type of training works! 


  Requirements for Mentored Internship Program:


  • Successful completion of the training fundamental we offer. 
  • Completion of the APT modules scoring 85% or better (Anatomy, Physiology and Terminology).
  • Completion of final MT Typing tests scoring 90% or better. This is standard in the industry.
  • Acceptance by your Internship counselor
  • You'll need a good computer!  Click here to read about computer requirements.

Med Workshops' CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION upon graduation. 


Course Length


Our internship is 6 weeks long.  Each week your material will be reviewed and you will receive mentoring with a professional trainer in the medical field of your choice. Assignments must be completed based on what a work schedule is like.  Intern Workshop is a timed session.  You learn how to return precise work in the required time frame.  You will learn how to produce entry level work which will satisfy a medical records company.  You have completed all training upon administrative acceptance of your work.  When done, you'll realize the Workshop finishes your training in a very special way. 



We first offered our medical courses in 1996.  Med Workshops usually offers training in Medical Transcription, Medical Scribe, Medical Billing and Medical Coding. Billing and Coding are not offered now. We are waiting on the new government codes for Medicare. 


Watch a Video on the Intern Workshop.





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Years of Results




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Employer Testimonial


Thank you so much for the many wonderful students you have sent our way.  They have been eager to learn and a pleasure to know. I find it very rewarding to watch them learn and grow each day.


Most have graduated and are now very valuable medical transcriptionists for our company on whom we rely heavily.

I highly recommend your training program for anyone who wishes to become a great medical transcriptionist.

It has truly been a pleasure working with your school and I look forward to working together for many years to come!

Thank you again.