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PeopleCongratulations on advancing to this level.  You have accomplished a tremendous amount and have completed more than 50% of the Bright Start program!  This is the instruction page for our Medical Transcription Typing tests.  Please read this information carefully before taking your tests.


NOTE: If for some reason you have not set up Express Scribe and adjusted your foot pedal, please cancel this test now and notify your instructor.  Please follow this link and transcribe the sample dictation before you attempt these tests! 


Transcription Exam Overview
Med Workshops provides the opportunity for every student passing the Anatomy, Physiology and Terminology (APT) class to take our Medical Transcription Typing classes.  You will be asked to transcribe these sample doctor dictations which cover several major specialties. Students who pass these tests move on to:


  • Online Computer Tech for Medical Transcription and then; Mentored Internship.

These transcription tests also serve as an opportunity for students to prepare for the skills assessment evaluations that are a routine part of the medical transcription employment process. These test reports are designed to provide you with the information you need to understand your progress in each specialty.  About the test reports: 


What is the exam like? There are dictation sound files of different specialties, all of which have been covered extensively in the course. These doctor dictated sound files will total approximately 5 minutes of dictation. You may use any resources except human. The exams are meant to be an assessment of how well you have retained the principles taught throughout the course AND how well you adapt to new samples.  You may take the exam over again if you score less than 90%.


NOTE ON FORMATS:  The sample formats we would like you to use can be reviewed by clicking here  and copying the samples to Microsoft Word for reference.  Please be sure that the copies you make retain the correct format from this webpage and double check your copied report against the posted report- formatting doesn't always remain the same during copying!  You can print them if you'd like to have them during the test.  Please be sure that the printed report looks exactly like the original.  Type it as the provider/doctor dictates and follow the sample format styles presented on our website!  Don't assume you may use the formats you have practiced previously.  Please use the format examples shown by following the link above.  In medical transcription there are hundreds of stylistic format variations.  The formats you have followed during practice are the "preferred style", but not necessarily what you will type when you are employed!  The samples on our website are currently being used by our Partner Employers.  You will be marked down for not following the format examples we have presented; following instructions is part of the learning experience.


How long do I have to complete the exam? Students have 3 hours to complete each test. If you can't finish in the time allotted, send in what you have completed.  You cannot hold the dictated test for longer than 3 hours or the test is void.  An incomplete test receives a fail grade. We log the time that you download the test.  You should schedule the test for a time in which you have a free half day. Although it will not take the entire 3 hours to complete the exam, you may want the additional time to go over your answers.


NOTE:  It is important to contact Student Services as soon as possible if you experience issues which impact your ability to begin or complete the final exam AS SCHEDULED. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of your exam.  You can't download or access the exam and  decide to take it later! Also, an incomplete test will receive a failed grade.


When does my 3 hours begin? Your 3-hour time period begins when you log in and download the voice file to your computer.


Test Requirements
When can I take the test?  Students are eligible to take the test once they have met the following requirements:


1. Passed Anatomy, Physiology and Terminology (APT) sections with an 85% average score or better. 
2. Completion of the transcription study for the specialty you will be tested on.
3. Enrollment status is current, or has been kept current with extensions. If it has expired, you need to purchase an extension.
4. Your Account is paid up-to-date.

Do not take another test until you have thoroughly reviewed your graded test.  There is little value in this testing unless you learn from your errors. 


Taking the Exam
How do I access the dictation voice file?  Be sure to submit an exam request with your student representative.  The student representative will arrange to send you the link to open the file.


Do I have to stay online throughout the entire final?  NO!  Please download and save the voice file to your computer desktop- do not stay online!  After saving the file to your desktop, log off the internet.  You will open the dictation file from your desktop and listen to the voice file as you transcribe in Microsoft Word.  Save your work often!


NOTE:  The dictation voice file is zipped as any Medical Transcription dictation would be.  Vista computers will usually unzip the voice file on download or ask if you wish to unzip it; YES, unzip or decompress the file (it is the same thing).  Windows XP computers may be different than Vista depending on your settings.  If the saved voice file is on your desktop and is still zipped, right click on the file and choose decompress or unzip.  The file will immediately unzip and you can open and play it with Express Scribe.  You may need to right click on the unzipped voice file again and choose> open with> Scribe or Express Scribe.  You need to be familiar with Express Scribe as it will become your default transcription player.


Do I use my foot pedal on the final?  Yes you should.  You will also need your headsets.  Before you begin the transcription, please follow the instructions for foot pedal use and software installation provided by your instructor or you can click here to view them again.  You may need to tweak your foot pedal settings to your preference.  You can do this by selecting more than 1 foot pedal on the Express Scribe "control" tab window or by adjusting the play speed format.  Try different settings until you find what is comfortable for you.


Can I use my reference materials on the final exam? Yes.  Please do not use human resources or friends/relatives- use of this resource will cause you to be expelled and lose all enrolled privileges including internship and job placement.


Grading and Results

How is the exam graded?  One of our medical transcriptionist instructors will review your entire exam and determine which variations are acceptable and unacceptable.  You must follow our sample formats and not use any others! 


NOTE: These tests are designed to prepare you for internship!  They are not designed simply to grade your work.  There may be one or more correct ways to transcribe parts of a dictation.  There is always a preferred way as determined by the mentor/grader and the Employers we work with.  Understanding is far more important than scores!  Scores are final and not negotiated.  Please do not fret or be sidetracked by scores.  You may take the test again if stylistic differences were the problem.  Med Workshops is educating for future placement and we are not interested in what grade you graduate with!


Take Time to Edit Carefully  A medical transcriptionist must be a master editor.  In fact, many employers are now implementing new practices that will require superior editing skills more than ever before in the industry. You must imagine that you are the last person to see this report before it is returned to the client. As the final editor, your report should be as perfect as it can be. Take the time to edit and proofread every report carefully before submitting it. An incomplete report is receives a failed grade.


First, leave the reports you transcribed temporarily, then come back later and read them out loud. Second, find misspellings throughout your reports more easily by reading your reports backwards. Lastly, crosscheck repeated information. Are your admitting diagnoses consistent with what the patient is treated for?

Some students think that submitting the report is the end of the process, but it is just the beginning. The most critical piece of the transcription modules is understanding your errors and making the necessary adjustments to correct them!

Because it is difficult to compare very similar reports when they are side-by-side, the grader will combine your report and the course key to create a specialized comparison.  It is important to understand that differences are not necessarily errors!  Is your response a formatting difference?  If so, these often are not errors, but stylistic differences. Refer to your resources to determine if the difference is acceptable.


What is a passing score? A score of 90% or above is considered a passing score. You must score at least an 90% on each specialty dictation report in order to pass.  These scores are not averaged together to create one score.  The following is the breakdown of scores:


  • Standard Grade: 90% - 94%.
  • Grades with Honors: 94% - 100%.

Although the Standard Graduation range shows a good grasp of medical transcription skills, most employers prefer scores in the Honors or High Honors range.

How long does it take to get my exam scores? TWO WEEKS from the scheduled date that you submit your exam. Once the grading process is complete, we will email your results to you.

Will I get a copy of my graded exam?  You will receive snippets of your corrected exam so that you can identify your weaknesses and continue improving your medical transcription skills. Please note! These documents are strictly confidential and are not to be shared with anyone. Sharing the graded documents with other students will result in forfeiture of your exam and hiring opportunities with Med Workshops.

Exam Retakes

If I do not pass the exam, can I retake?  Students must pass three of four possible tests which are given only one time. We require at least a one-week review period before taking the next exam. We insist that you use this period to conduct a thorough evaluation of your weaknesses and create a plan of review and practice to address those weaknesses.  If you have failed 1 test previously, you are not allowed to schedule a test and then cancel- this will count as your a failed test and your failure of the course- please don't make this mistake.  Give yourself the time you know you need and time you can depend on.


Will I get the same questions and reports on the exams?  Each exam consists of randomly chosen dictations in the specialty.  Your tests will not be from the same specialty in most cases, but will be in a similar format. All of the reports used in the exams are of the same level of difficulty, so, even though you will not receive the same style of report to type, the reports you receive will be comparable.

How do I schedule a retake exam?  You may schedule the retake of a missed exam by contacting your instructor and studying at least one week before taking a missed exam.

Do I have to be a current student (not expired or delinquent) to retake the test?  If you have not yet passed these tests, you must be a current student in order to retake the test.  This means you will have to purchase an extension if your enrollment has expired since taking your last exam. It is necessary that you have access to your course and to Student Support for review and additional preparation.  

What if I am unable to pass three test within the given four attempts?  Our goal is to help you make it to graduation. We will do everything reasonable to help you achieve that goal. If you are experiencing difficulty in passing the tests, please contact a counselor and ask for advice.  It may be best if you withdraw if you do not show an aptitude for this profession.

Exam Tips
The following tips are designed to help you both prepare for and pass your exams. Please review these tips carefully before scheduling. Preparation is the key to success.  Experience has shown that students who have prepared by completing all of their coursework achieve higher scores and transition more quickly to successful employment. Please utilize the following tips to ensure that you are adequately prepared for your test.

Tip #1: Retake the tests in the textbook portion of the course.  The best way to prepare for the objective portion of the exam is to reread all of your notes and review the eBooks. If you do not pass a test with at least 90%, it is a good idea to return and review the associated material before continuing.  Reviewing these tests will not only indicate how well you remember the material, but will also serve to refresh your memory.

Tip #2 Transcribe! Return to the last few printed lessons you have transcribed and review what you found to be especially difficult. If you struggle with one particular report type, it is helpful to type reports of that sort.

Scheduling The Test

  • You have passed Anatomy, Physiology and Terminology (APT) for this section specialty.
  • Course enrollment has not expired or has been extended.
  • Course study for this lesson has been completed.
  • Student has set aside 3 hours for test.
  • Mandatory 5 business-day notice to your instructor.

*You will receive email instructions for accessing the exam one business day prior to beginning.  AGAIN, It is important to contact Student Services as soon as possible if you experience issues which impact your ability to begin or complete the exam AS SCHEDULED. Failure to do so will result in a failed exam.


Each downloaded test is recorded by your IP address.  Please do not click on or download someone else's test or it could disqualify you. 


Checklist for students scheduling a test:

  • Student has waited the mandatory 1 week review period, retyped previous transcription test, and corrected all errors
  • Student has set aside 3 hours for test
  • Mandatory 2 business-day notice to us
  • You will receive email instructions for accessing the final exam one business day prior to beginning the exam.
  • AGAIN, It is important to contact Student Services as soon as possible if you experience issues which impact your ability to begin or complete the final exam AS SCHEDULED. Failure to do so will result in failure of your exam.  You can't download or access the exam and decide to take it later!!